‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Nicki Minaj Was Right … I SUCK!!!


0706_kirk_frost_nicki_minaj_article_getty_tmzNicki Minaj BLASTED “Love & Hip Hop” star Kirk Frost for being a womanizing a-hole on national TV, and Kirk tells TMZ she was totally right to do so.

A recent episode of “LHH: ATL” aired showing Kirk cheating on his wife Rasheeda with TWO other women in a hot tub. FYI — Rasheeda is 7 months pregnant.

Nicki ( a HUGE “LHH” fan) was pissed by the public display of douche-baggery and took to Twitter, writing, “Damn my n***a, after 15 yrs u wld embarrass the mother of your child while she’s pregnant on nat’l tv like that? cornballs on deck.”

She added, “And I dare u to say it ain’t none of my business. U done sold it to vh1. It’s everybody business.”

But rather than try and makes excuses, Kirk tells TMZ he knows he acted like a terrible person, telling us, “Nicki Minaj is a woman and she was speaking about me doing inappropriate things. I can’t fault her for that. Every woman in America who watched felt the way Nicki did.”

070613_love_hip_hop_launchKirk adds, “Not only was doing it on the show inappropriate … but it was inappropriate period. And I hurt my wife.”

FYI — Kirk says his wife is now “done” with him. They have a 12-year-old kid together, plus the one on the way.


Intensely Intimate Oral Sex: 7 Steps Towards More Connection

Here’s how to transform regular oral sex into an incredibly intimate erotic event.

Intimacy is all about closeness, the emotional and physical “togetherness” of love. Intimacy does not come from a physical act, but rather from the attitude you bring to one another. A hug can be way more intimate than intercourse, depending on how present, vulnerable and authentic you and your lover can be together.

Many of us crave more intimacy, but the stress and distraction of everyday life gets in the way. Intimacy is often intense in the beginning of a relationship and then becomes more elusive, no matter how much you love one another. The good news is that intimacy can be something you actively create and practice together. To get your man on board, why not seduce him with some intensely intimate oral sex? He’ll love every minute of it and hopefully the intimacy will carry over into your life and future lovemaking. Here’s how to transform it into an incredibly intimate erotic event:



Make Him Feel Special

Set aside some time to give him a truly unforgettable erotic experience. Just be coy and let the anticipation build. Spend time doing things that make him feel special, cared for and loved. You might want to cook him his favorite meal while he relaxes with a glass of wine or let him watch a game while you serve him beers. Anything you can do to let him know you are paying attention to him and want to pleasure him will go a long way towards increasing the intimacy of your connection.

Enjoy Taking Turns

All too often we think about sex as a game of mutual pleasure — you try to pleasure your lover while simultaneously receiving pleasure from their touch. There is a lot to be gained by taking turns giving and receiving. Oral sex is perfect for taking turns. You can be focused on giving him as much pleasure as you can, while his only job is to relax and receive. Start with a luxurious full body massage and then start getting him aroused by pressing your body into his, running your hands, nipples and hair up and down his body. By the time you start focusing on oral sex, you’ll have his complete attention.

Make It A Gift, Not A Chore

Choose to approach oral sex as a tremendous gift of pleasure you are giving. True gifts are offered with enthusiasm and joy, not reluctance. So get yourself in the mood to lavish him with pleasure, and then bring tons of enthusiasm to the act. Make noise, wave your butt around in the air and make it clear that there is nowhere you’d rather be. You’ll create a force field of erotic energy between you and your lover. Keep reading…

 Lesbian Sex Tips For Guys

Virginia Legislature adjourns without considering marijuana policies

Day 46 - West Midlands Police - Cannabis Drugs...

Day 46 – West Midlands Police – Cannabis Drugs Raid (Photo credit: West Midlands Police)

English: one high-quality "bud " nug...

English: one high-quality “bud ” nugget of marijuana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Virginia Legislature adjourns without considering marijuana policies

After the retirement of long-time marijuana reform advocate Harvey Morgan, and resignation of Alexandria Delegate David Englin, a new legislative advocate for marijuana reform was needed in the Virginia Legislature. Unfortunately, no one was willing to step up to the plate during the 2013 legislative session. Please write your legislators and ask them to lead the charge next session. You can ask them to call for the state to regulate marijuana like alcohol, or take a more modest reform such as citing and fining – rather than arresting and criminalizing – marijuana users.

There were some sensible proposals introduced in the 2013 session. For example, Del. Roxann Robinson sponsored HB 1867, which would have made school suspensions for marijuana optional, rather than mandatory. Another bill would have allowed for easier expungement of marijuana possession charges from criminal records. Unfortunately, neither bill advanced past the committee stage.

It’s not all bad news, though. Ultra-conservative gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli has indicated the federal government shouldn’t interfere with states like Colorado and Washington taxing and regulating marijuana. Marijuana reform is gripping the country, and as Mr. Cuccinelli’s comments indicate, even Virginia is not immune to rational marijuana policy reform. If and when legislation is introduced in Virginia,



Breakfast (Photo credit: trawets1)

Ryokan Breakfast

Ryokan Breakfast (Photo credit: herrolm)

Breakfast - By the time I got around to eating...

Breakfast – By the time I got around to eating it, it was BRUNCH (Photo credit: CliffMuller)

Breakfast Brunch

Breakfast Brunch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A typical plate of breakfast scheans.

English: A typical plate of breakfast scheans. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Breakfast (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: Cannabis

English: Cannabis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Cannabis

English: Cannabis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

основные виды конопли

основные виды конопли (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cannabis sativa plant

Cannabis sativa plant (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cannabis plant(s) in vegetative growth stage.

Cannabis plant(s) in vegetative growth stage. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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