If there is any person in the world who comes to mind when you see the words “weed,” “marijuana,” “pot,” etc., it’s Snoop Dogg. The veteran emcee has become an international ambassador for weed and it’s with good reason; he lights up anywhere, an time and doesn’t care what anyone thinks, not even the police. But, just how much marijuana does the king of weed smoke in a day? Well, he’s finally answered that burning question and you may just be surprised.

On Dec. 5, Snoop hopped on Reddit for an AMA chat with fans, who asked him any and every question about his life. One fan in particular asked Snoop how many blunts he smokes in a week and this is what he had to say.

“81 blunts a day x 7,” Snoop replied.

While we’re sure that Snoop is probably exaggerating, we have no doubt that he smokes a lot of blunts in a day. Snoop also shared his thoughts on legalizing marijuana throughout the nation.

“Legalize it [and] if that means tax it, then do it,” Snoop said.

Well, you’ve got to respect the man’s candor and his dedication to that potent green leaf. And he’s certainly not alone in his love for weed. Check out some other men who love weed (and have probably smoked with Snoop) below. –nicholas robinson

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