The Top 5 Most Beautiful Buds

Ok 1st you have your Mango-Kush. It have a smooth freaky kinda high that seems to even make the taste of a true mango. Soft and sticky with lots of crystals ,I would say personally mid on resin production while being consumed with very little resistance to stay lit…


Mango Kush

2. Lemonhaze – known for its mighty punch ,tangy taste and beautiful appearance makes it one of the top 5 prettiest buds..

3.OG Granddaddy Kush – dank ass strain of marijuana. It’s parent plants are (Big Bud x Purple Erkle). Whoever thinks otherwise is wrong. Usually classified as ‘exotic’. It has purple leaves but is not completely purple. Looks frosty with trichomes and has lots of orange hairs. Smells and tastes great and fruity, like its parent plant, Purple Urkel. Very potent. Sometimes expensive (20-25 a G)Commonly called ‘GDP’ for short.

4. Northern light’s -Taste: A very musky mocha with floral notes. A very smooth smoke.Very much an Indica, it is calmingly sedating, but not sleep promoting. Very much a body experience, it was a potent choice, good for nausea relief and appetite stimulation. Some pain relief, but mostly by way of distraction.


Northern Lights

5.Trainwreck – is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain that hits you as hard as a freight train that you don’t see coming. Burns quick and produces thick smoke that will almost certainly get you coughing. People swear by Trainwreck for its pain relief and other medicinal qualities.

As I person who have had a wonderful time with all of these beautiful ladies ,I can say they all have a way of showing there affection. From big beautiful buds to some of the most vibrant colors and tastes, they provide the most pleasant all body enrichment…

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